Fly Patterns

June 11th, 2012

Suggested fly Patterns to be used at Doornkop
There is a Fly Shop at reception where basic Fly Fishing needs can be purchased.


Red eyed Damsels

Fly Red Eyed Damsel

Red Eyed Damsel

(Fished in shallows and around weed)

Hamills Killer

Fly Hamills Killer

Hamills Killer

(Best fished on floating line at inlets morning and afternoon)

Beaded Nymphs

A Beaded Nymph

A Beaded Nymph

(Best fished on intermediate line, slow figure of 8 retrieve)


Wooly Buggers - Pangora; Black; Brown -

Fly Woolly Bugger

Woolly Bugger

(Best fished on floating lines 10 – 12 foot leaders with 10cm accelerated strip)

Large Lake Dragons

Fly Lake Dragon

Lake Dragon

(Best fished on intermediate lines with 9 foot leaders with fast retrieves with occasional pauses)


White Death

White Death

White Death

(Fished on floating lines with 10 foot leaders with fast retrieves)

Adams Fly

Adams Fly

(Fished on the surface)
Parachute Adams

Fly Para Adams

Para Adams

(Fished on surface)
Elk Wing Caddis

Fly Elk Caddis

Elk Caddis

(Fished on surface, use floatant for this with fast retrieves as it skates on the water surface with occasional pauses)

(Please ask for a copy at reception)

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