Reserve Regulations

June 11th, 2012

Doornkop Reserve Rules and Regulations

Doornkop is first and foremost a nature reserve, therefore to ensure that our natural ecosystems remains intact and that all guests have an enjoyable visit the following rules have to be adhered to:

1. No pets are allowed on the Reserve.
2. Speeding on the Reserve is not allowed. The speed limit is 30 km/h.
3. Over occupation of chalets is a serious offense and will not be tolerated. Guests who do not adhere to this rule will be requested to leave the resort with immediate effect or extra guests will be requested to rent alternative accommodation.
4. The removal of any of the chalet contents for personal use around the reserve is prohibited.
5. No loud music will be allowed on the reserve.
6. Parents are to ensure that children do not play in the main reception area and are not left unsupervised at the pool or games area. These areas are used at your own risk.
7. No bicycles or roller blades are permitted in the main reception area, around the pool and on the tennis court.
8. No bottles or glassware may be taken into any of the swimming pools on the resort.
9. Own alcoholic drinks will not be allowed in the clubhouse or at the swimming pool deck.
10. Littering is an offence and offenders will be prosecuted. Please use the refuse bins supplied at pools and dams.
11. It is an offence to pick or damage any plant or to disturb, injure or kill any animal.
12. Firewood may not be gathered.
13. The lighting of fires is only permitted in designated fire places. All fires should be put out completely before users retire to bed.
14. All vehicles have to stay on designated roads. No new roads are allowed to be made.
15. All night drives have to be confirmed at reception and can be undertaken until 23H00 at night. Only on game drive routes not between chalets.
16. Using of fire hose reels or any fire fighting equipment for any other use than fire fighting is strictly prohibited and a penalty fine of R500 will be imposed.
17. Please adhere to NO ENTRY signs.
18. Feeding of ANY animals incl. horses, pigs, ostriches, birds, etc. is strictly prohibited and a penalty fine of R500 will be imposed if caught feeding animals.
19. No Quad bikes
20. See separate fishing rules.
21. Guests are expected to ensure that no jumping on furniture, beds, etc takes place. Guests found guilty of such an offence will be requested to replace damaged furniture in full.
22. No person may tamper with the water system, open/close valves or adjust any part of the reticulation or pumping scheme on the estate. Any bursts or leaks to be reported to management immediately.
23. No stones or other objects should be thrown into dams.
24. Care must be taken not to damage trees or shrubs planted around the reserve.

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